Monday, March 20, 2006

The Victim's Act of 1910

I was in the Appalachians when the mud ran down the hill
I was an unwed black mother who couldn’t get served the pill
I was the wheel that turned the free press in a communist jail
I was the hammer, the sickle I was Jonah in the whale
I jumped at the crash and flew when the towers fell

I was the lion who tore the Christians from the promise land
I was in the way a woman stood over the grave of her man
I was the child of the strikers my hungry face so tanned
I wore the Vietnamese, Korean, German and Iraqi brand
I was a soldier in a wheelchair turned away from the reviewing stand

From Homer Bigart to Oscar Shindler I was the people’s roar
I was the politician who kissed a baby and laid him on the floor
I dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and then I called it war
I was a drunken abusive father with a pistol in the drawer
I swallowed the barrel when I couldn’t take it anymore


I’m leaving this earth I’m going down
Back where I came from upside down
With a hatchet and a cloven hood
I was the worst where better stood

- Chris Mansel

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