Sunday, March 05, 2006

Panic Disperse

The conventions of Geneva must sound like a musical piece composed of loud horns blaring in at a New York stop light to an Iraqi insurgent. When they watched CNN International and saw the Katrina crisis what would have they thought about the rapes in the Superdome, the victims of the disaster turning on one another? Imagine you are an Iraqi child watching a tank roll by with soldiers walking by and a reporter sticks a camera in your face and asks questions in a language you don’t understand.

Illustrate to an immigrant

“We’ve got good Intel of inhuman acts in this village. Locked and loaded.”

“Soldier here, I have purple finger, I am one of you. America. America.”

“While I was in Iraq I was embedded with a company of Special Forces and for those twenty days I saw hell.”

The evacuate

The recoil of

“Mr. Secretary would you describe this as a General’s war?”

“No Senator I don’t believe I would and I resent that implication. You see what we have here is a bunch of people running around blowing up roads, shooting into convoys…”

a father The impact of a grenade

A roadside installation
“Hang two litters of blood, he’s got shrapnel in his abdomen, shit he’s bleeding out.”

“Why are you doing this? Who are you to shoot a child? Tell you’re President not to come here.”

Democracy can’t happen to me, not here, not now

Exploding on the canvas

Stamped Made in America

- Chris Mansel

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