Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Tuesday Evening Follies for the Bob Kincaid Show

Bush met Jason McElwain as you know but what you don’t know about is the phone call Bush made to the young man from Air Force One. Bush asked Jason, “Jason, you like to watch movies about gladiators?”

Also in the news the British Parliament is up in arms over the little known fact that young kids in Britain are learning two important words from the news coming out of Iraq and they are seeking to censor it. The two words, Occupying Force. School kids in Britain are beginning to ask questions about Ireland.

It has been decided in the Bush administration that it will take a miracle to raise Bush’s opinion polls so starting tomorrow on the Fox Network Laura Bush, whose approval ratings are through the roof, will begin appearing to model her latest piercings and tattoos.

Trent Lott is back in the news and plans to introduce legislation to overturn the 14 amendment to stir controversy away from Roe V Wade.

There is a rumor that if you play the International backwards you get the Texas University fight song.

Upon hearing that Condi Rice has jokingly mentioned hoping to run the National Football League someday or a run for the White House, The Mansel Report would like to ask football fans the world over to please accept Condi Rice as the new commissioner of the NFL. Sure you’ll lose your Sundays to halftime shows of shopping for shoes while statistics of the killed, maimed and wounded roll across the bottom of your screen but think of her in the White House, as your commander in chief, and I think maybe you can make the sacrifice.

- Chris Mansel

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