Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fear Harbor

The Centennial Edition (1891-1991) of Blacks Law Dictionary defines fear as,

Fear – Apprenhension of harm; dread; consciousness of approaching danger. Mental response to threat. Profound reverence and awe.

Within Hobbs Act extortion definition, includes fear of economic loss as well as of physical harm.

The Bush administration has focused their strength on the role of fear in a system of government that up to six years ago could have been described as democracy. The fueling of hatred in the Middle East, the overtly black ops version of monitoring the communications of its citizens and the disbelief of other members of government at their lack of support for an illegal war.

Harbor – A haven, or a space of deep water so sheltered by the adjacent land and surroundings as to afford a safe anchorage for ships. A port or haven for ships; a sheltered place, natural or artificial, on the coast of a sea, lake, or other body of water. A place of security and comfort; a refuge.

“Safe anchorage of ships,” the safety of said ships could very well be compromised by the offloading of chemical irritants let in by a hostile force working inside the government of Dubai, the same government that would control our borders.

Below is a quote from The Washington Post,

“DP World officials suggested yesterday that within days, Peninsular & Oriental's operations will belong to them, no matter what Congress does.”

Selling the borders of our country for a pound of flesh that could very well be scared by terrorism. You have to wonder of the back room dealing going on during this period of forty-five days. Hearing to argue whether or not to hand over our borders to a nation who has done business with terrorists? These back room dealing, threats of extortion perhaps this close to the midterm elections? All of this will be public record eventually.

- Chris Mansel

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