Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Historic Win In Florence, Alabama

A Historic Win In Florence, Alabama

An historic win in District One in Florence, Alabama for the Democratic Party, Tammy Irons unofficially carried sixty-one percent of the vote. A message from Tammy Irons from her site, www.TammyIrons.com,

"Twice now Republicans outside of our area have come into Florence for the purpose of attempting to influence the outcome of the special election to be held this Tuesday for State Representative, District 1. Several months ago, the Montgomery Republicans attempted to get other Republicans to run against my opponent, William Smith, and ultimately against me in the general election. This attempt failed. Now, this week, at the 11th hour, the Republican Party of Birmingham (as authorized by my opponent) bankrolled a negative mass mail out to voters in District 1 falsely stating my position on certain issues. The truth is that the Republicans of Birmingham have no clue as to my position on the issues."

Appearing on WHNT tonight, a local news channel, Irons responded, "I am proud of the positive campaign I ran. I am glad I won this election on my merits and not someone else's demerit." Visiting the political headquarters of Tammy Irons with my daughter I was glad to see the smiling faces of many I grew up knowing. I saw Tammy's parents smiling and hopeful, I saw Mayor Bobby Irons and his wife arrive. Tammy who was very busy welcoming and thanking those present for their support to take a few minutes to greet my young daughter and to encourage her to think politically about the world around her.
It's a great day for the Democratic Party and for Alabama women in politics.
Irons is the first woman to win the position of State Representative in District One.

- Chris Mansel

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