Monday, October 17, 2005

Questions for Judith Miller

When were you recruited by the C.I.A.?

Is your security clearance above top secret?

Was your recruitment due to your Russian ancestry?

While attending school in Brussels did you do espionage work for the C.I.A?

As a member of the Atlantic Council, the only journalist to be a member of this organization, that includes members such as William McNamara, Henry Kissinger, and Alexander Haig, have you reported the opinions of its members rather than fact?

Your husband who wrote a review entitled, A Dissent on Schindler’s List contains the quote, “Despite its seven Oscars I doubt that Schindler's List will survive its season either as a memorable film or as a comment on the concentration camps, for the evil that Spielberg tries to portray lies beyond his imagination.” Do share his opinion? Are you one who does not believe the Holocaust existed? Would you have the support of the American public if this opinion were exposed?

Chris Mansel

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