Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Dissent of Indecency

It’s a vague indecency that inhabits us all. The evidence only pursues the truth until the victim can become the attacker; then as the clarity of the situation becomes muddled with the reality of transference the situation explodes. The only uniform of creation is the pit of insolence known as change. Change becomes what some might describe in the middle of the night as what they thought they heard and what they know they saw.
Indecency being the source of conviction is abortive and carries with it the desire for more. The vital organs of the human body are indecent when separated from the whole but lashed together with the string like arteries they become a functioning apparatus that can be perverted into the kind of psychopath that would appreciate the indecency of individual organs.
As you watch the bombs tumble down through the cloud they appear as hideous angels. First the smoke erupts and then the flames. The dust used to create man leaps toward the skies and the earth sustains the blow. Metal and human skin become as one. The majority of sustainable life is touched by the acts of these hideous angels, their reach extending to those areas of peace. This indecency, visible from the heavens, has no goodness, no mythology. The inscriptions on a map of the world become political when one only focuses on the location of the borders.

- Chris Mansel

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