Tuesday, October 04, 2005

More Directions Home

A disturbance in the corridors of power, the kind of power that ruins the filth by defining it with a constant shoving of hands and unspeakable acts of pedophilia. The unholy striking serpent known as a man so ungrateful has caught up Tom Delay with for his own existence as to accuse the Bush administrations version of Himmler of a criminal act.
As to draw attention from the criminal acts of Karl Rove the announcement of Harriet Miers nomination to the supreme court has even upset the hierarchy of the republican party enough to make it cancel flights to Haiti to pursue another contract with Nike for slippers for the Congressional groups that travel aboard Air Force One.
Karl Rove traveled secretly to Las Vegas for the opening of a sewer grate said to house the remains of Lyndon Johnson’s male companion. Rove circled the street in a bold manner until he gave the go ahead to lift the lid. Diving into the hole with a sexual flourish he relayed his findings to Karen Hughes who had the president tied to a revolving stool covered in news clippings from the time of Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings.

- Chris Mansel

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