Friday, October 21, 2005

Gehenna On Pennsylvania Avenue

Gehenna, the clearest point in the oval office, the spot where you can see the crowds murmuring on the tops of roofs where you can hear the tires blowing out from their rims, where the crowd lingers in front a television set in a store window tuned to white noise. Gehenna, where the Bush administration accepts the secret service protective service with a shopping list of congressional contacts. The tower of Babel collapsed after a procession of noise, the Bush administration collapsed from under its own weight. Lending to the credo of do not build your house upon the sand, the earth beneath the White House could become toxic just by the all of the wrong doings, the lies.
Hunter S. Thompson wrote in Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas about the point where the wave finally broke and rolled back, Gehenna is where the point where the devils in religious clothing finally turned on one another and found that deep down they were just as savage as the devils they crippled with their continuous rhetoric of hate and fear.

- Chris Mansel

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