Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Prediction, Indictment, and How To Influence and Promote From Within

U.S. News and World Report is reporting the possibility of Condi Rice being moved up to the role of Karl Rove if Rove is indicted. I don’t believe this will happen. As I have made several predictions and several of those predictions have come true, I believe that Karen Hughes will be placed in Karl Rove’s role. Condi Rice’s role in the Republican Party is too important to them for Rice to be moved from such a public role.
Karen Hughes is one of those so important to the presidency. She has been sent out to travel and promote the U.S. around the world I believe to shield her away from the furor rising from the Fitzgerald investigation; sort of a last act by Rove before he is indicted, Karen Hughes, who knows where all the bodies are buried and who knows the most intimate secrets of the President.

- Chris Mansel

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