Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Karl The Headless Thompson Gunner

President Bush: Karl do you think those Pakistani’s have television?

Karl Rove: I’m sure they do but as sophisticated as ours.

President Bush: Well, Karl we don’t need to see them Pakistani’s comparing this aid we’re giving them to that that happen in New Orleans.

Karl Rove: We can control the information and footage coming out of Pakistan.

President Bush: What do you hear? What are we getting in return?

Karl Rove: That’s on a need to know basis, are you sure you want to know?

President Bush: I might as well; I mean I can only imagine. Why?

Karl Rove: We have to finance our covert operations in the area and we can’t ask congress for more.

President Bush: Is it drug money Karl?

Karl Rove: The CIA financed the covert operations in Vietnam with heroin, so why should this war be any different? We have half the cabinet of Afghanistan addicted; Pakistan is not far from coming to fruition.

President Bush: God bless America.

- Chris Mansel

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