Monday, October 10, 2005

Bouquets of Talking Points

Last line of defense, that’s a term usually used to describe a situation in war. A moment when there is nowhere else to go, you must make your stand where you are. I’m not sure whether or not the person that coined this term survived or not. It’s not important as history does remember them anyway. History has a reluctant way of remembering who and where, the how and why fall easy into the guidelines of acceptable opinion. What will history say about the Bush administration? The control of information is as important these days as it has ever been. Even with the invention of computers, databases where it is easy to control the collecting and storing of information, the archiving possibilities are endless, even with all that ability the images and sound, the signatures and the footage can be discredited before the opening credits roll. Neither party accepts the role of the civilian who gathers the data and presents it. Neither party takes seriously the fact that there is someone always watching. When the voter realizes that the function of government is to keep the voter out of the process then and only then will the creation of a third legitimate party take place. Till then we’ll have to run alongside without being arrested for illegally withholding the need for honesty, truth and the right to be pricked by a talking point.

- Chris Mansel

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