Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why The Tug At Your Heart Is Never Organic

It is never a problem finding something to write about. The news is almost always bad and there is plenty to be enraged about. There are topics I haven’t even touched. The inhuman trafficking of children for the sex trade, the effect of local politics on the poor, there are so many items.
What about the sex trade? I made mention before about the documentaries made by right-wing news sources who tape Americans traveling to places like Bangkok to have sex with minors, they get the footage and try to dissuade the transaction but just as much goes by and they arrive back in this country and head to their moral high ground to edit the footage of those dirty people and their way of life. What they never seems to explain is the far-reaching effect the local economy has on the people they filmed. You see an ad on television to donate and help this child or that child all the while knowing that you have read reports about how that charity has pocketed the funds and not helped anyone. All you can do is tell someone about it and hope they can see through the so-called generosity and see the charity for what they are, pornographers.
What about the local politics that do more harm than good? You can change a city ordinance to suit a few and end up hurting many, many more. In a town like Florence, Alabama where I live the city council has for years turned away major corporation and business that would have provided several thousands of jobs, jobs that would have paid a wage you could support a family on, and we are left with barely over minimum wage with little hope of insurance. All of those jobs just about drove about 45 minutes to an hour away and have prospered. So now the workers have to drive all these miles everyday. The wear and tear on their vehicles, the cost of gas rising, the possibility of out-sourcing eats away the benefit of that hour drive. Why? Politics.

- Chris Mansel

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