Saturday, November 26, 2005

Blog Success on the Conservative Dime

Since I have been blogging I have made it a point to learn more about this so-called revolution. In fact, words have been revolutionary a hell of a lot longer than the brief existence of the Internet. One thing I have learned is that a successful blog has one thing in common with all other successful blogs. Money. A successful blog has ads from other successful blogs, it courts corporate ads that feature timely films or books, these items are published by corporations who publish books and release movies by the politicians and actors that those same blogs seek to repute and rail against.

Take the Huffington Post for example. The Huffington Post featured a banner ad this evening for a company owned by Siebel. Siebel has been purchased by Oracle. Who is on the board of directors at Oracle? Jack Kemp. One of the organizations listed in the brief bio of Kemp is Empower America Kemp is a co-chair. Empower America’s full name is Freedom Works Empower America. Freedom Works is co-chaired by Dick Armey. On their site, is a link to watch Dick Armey and Robert Novak discuss the freedom agenda on CNN. So in short a good liberal blog, the kind that has those ads I mentioned, accepts advertising from conservatives, the same conservatives the Huffington Post seeks to rail against.

- Chris Mansel

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