Friday, November 25, 2005

The Most Vulnerable Site in AMerica for Terrorist Attack

On any shopping day of the year, especially the biggest, the day after Thanksgiving, the Mall of America is most vulnerable for terrorist attack. According to over 320 million people have visited since it’s opening. Without overwhelming security it would be next to impossible for it to defend itself against a terrorist attack. A suicide bomber, or several bombers not unlike those wrecking havoc in Iraq and across the world could simply walk in and kill or maim and untold number of shoppers. Only if a major figure likes a politician visiting would call for extreme security. Nearly 3,000 were killed in the bombings of the Twin Towers, the number of the Mall of America could dwarf that.
Take the Oklahoma City bombing for instance. A truck filed with explosives could tear a huge chunk out of the mall especially if driven into the complex. The scenarios are horrific. The one item on the Homeland Security agenda should be the protection of U.S. citizens. Why not protect them where they assemble, the Mall of America, what bigger symbol of America could you find?

- Chris Mansel

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