Monday, May 08, 2006

Flashing The Hash at the Watergate

Television news crews surround the steps of the courthouse as Scooter Libby begins his slow walk to his car after another day of testimony. Down the street looking like a moth eaten turtle in a helmet of burnt hair sits Karl Rove slipping rounds into an eighteen shot clip. Cursing quietly under his breath Karl Rove ponders erratically the choice of taking out the cause of the spotlight on him or to empty the clip into his face.
Jack Random and I were strolling by having recently relocated to Virginia to research a book on terror warnings, bank defaults and their ties to the white supremacist movement. I noticed Rove slamming his weapon into the dash of the car and jus as I level the camera lens Rove hit the accelerator and sped down the street in reverse. The press up the street hardly took notice having heard the sounds of violence in the streets of Washington before.
Then Scooter Libby made his way out of the courthouse and to his car. The press following and asking questions but not expecting any response. Like prison guards watching the monotony of inmates coming and going they hardly notice when a guard is attacked and the alarm doesn’t sound but the alarm will sound for Karl Rove soon enough.
We tracked Rove to the Watergate Hotel and down the stairs into a conference room. Jack stood by the door with a high-powered microphone to ease drop on whatever would go on. I questioned the hotel staff tipping those on the lowest rungs of the pay scale and threatening with expulsion those who never got their hands dirty. Jack captured the goods and came back out to the car to play back the tape and as he hit rewind secret service agents surrounded the car. We showed our hands and they drew their weapons. Exiting the vehicle we were ask for identification. Some time ago we had made two press I.D.’s that showed we worked for the Washington Times that is owned by the Rev. Sun Yung Moon, a name that would open any door in the city of Washington, certainly the beltway. As we were held against the car we noticed Scooter Libby driving by in a taxi and exiting into the Watergate.

- Chris Mansel

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