Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Graying The Grave

I've seen conviction end as much as ocupation but then I grew up reading the history I knew I would see repaeted by my own government. The decadence of human life is just another counter clockwise down the drain and this comes from someone who recently spent some time in New Orleans. As Joseph Conrad wrote, "This is the worst of trying to tell..."

It's like a peasant confronting someone with a guilter's tan, his account wouldn't be complete without the confrontation and assault of the senses. The satelite rolls off the levee and smashes into traffic, and while traffic refuses to move to allow the ambulance through, the victim swelters in the New Orleans heat amid the despair and suicides. Where are the buses now that the water has receded?

During the Vietnam War Buddhist monks immolated themselves in protest of the war, perhaps in this country such an action, perhaps less extreme should be approached during a sanitary broadcast of a morning show amid the unblinking, barking on cue crowd of onlookers holding signs representing the names of hometowns. Just how far is it from Bay New Orleans to the Tonkin Gulf anyway?

- Chris Mansel

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