Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Year of 2008

In position to stroll across the book of horrors once again, the Republican Party dreams of placing another beast of loyal stride atop the wavering blood flag. The White House fills with a stench not yet experienced since William Howard Taft’s corpse was paraded through across the Senate floor by a few drunken representatives with ties to organized crime.

Bandar Bush, his defense stock gaining in blood certificate guarantee, sits atop a fortune large enough to purchase the publishing rights of the Koran in virginal blood, flies in and out of the U.S. smuggling plans for more terrorist’s attacks on U.S. soil in lieu of a Democratic win in the 2008 presidential run.

Sooner than later it will come to the surface that Think Tanks are covert and are nothing more than shadow operations that enable U.S. citizens to retire from public office and advise and funnel funds to governments that occupy positions in the so-called axis of evil. If conservatives resign from these organizations with any kind of regularity the axe will drop, especially if the Democrat’s have possession of the White House and the House and Senate.

Perhaps in 2008 it will be necessary to obtain a background check on your local elected official to decide whether or not to cast your vote. With that information in hand you will be in the interesting position of whether or not to share.

Could it be that the Vietcong are dressed as Islamic Fundamentalists? General Westmoreland constantly observed in 1968 that we had the enemy on the run; compare that staggering miscommunication with, “Mission Accomplished.” Saddam warned that when the fight went door to door and street to street…. The Tet offensive in Iraq will be coordinated with attacks in Iran and Syria as well as bombings in the United States.

- Chris Mansel

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