Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hughes, Not The Rudd & Eat My Slug, This Is The Highway

Hughes, Not The Rudd

Speculation begins around Dupont Circle whether or not the beast known as Karen Hughes will in fact become just another political causality when the Bush administration leaves office or if she will like Henry Kissinger re-surface on the arm of other administrations, wailing her fetishes, hooded and leathered, beating human flesh like a riveter on the good ship death.

Eat My Slug, This Is The Highway

Tracking legislation in Washington is not unlike watching a snail as it inches slowly across the interstate. The silent whine of the yellow divider you’d expect from the center line is unheard. Cars whiz by as deals are made inside closets supplied readily with glory holes, oxygen tanks and cameras, the kind you use in most surgeries that have revolutionized the term day surgery. Yes, the American Medical Association has a say in illicit sex in enclosed places as well.

- Chris Mansel

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