Sunday, March 09, 2008

Official, handful, Disorganized

“Disposed under distress, the reason for being involved in the…” The rest of the words on the page were blacked out. You could make any excuse for this you wanted but the C.I.A. would do anything to protect its secrets and would kill any number of random citizens to overturn the Freedom of Information Act.

The following statement was uncovered in the garbage bin outside the Oval office during a past administration, “Quotas must be maintained and enumerated. Belching a surplus will only go to obtain a derivative of the kind of justice that is self-defeating.” What would the C.I.A. do what such a statement if it actually existed? And could you convince them it actually did exist?

“The numbers according to the South America Report on Malnutrition has yet to pass the censor and needs to be reviewed before being passed on to other governmental bodies as well as the Washington Times.” Okay, I confess that one is a little too easy to pick out but the more ridiculous the more believable?

- Chris Mansel

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