Tuesday, March 11, 2008

McCain: Let The Fires Burn Cold

There is evidence that McCain has been on the campaign trail too long. He showed up at a Mexican wedding in Polk, Arkansas with a Ukulele stuck in his belt and asked if he could sit in with the band.
He next offered to round up several dogs in the neighborhood and tried to jump start a gas grill with an old Zippo lighter General George Marshall had once given him in a drunken stupor as McCain had harassed the General over an embarrassing incident in the cloak of a Washington watering hole. Buying silence with fire is how they used to do it in the old days.
McCain in order to prove his barbecuing skills stripped off his shirt to reveal a tattoo of a pyramid of cord wood being lit by a chimpanzee while two Huey helicopters hovered overhead, the caption read, “Those of us who kill, also cook, skin, and die.” At one time the words were more legible but McCain is beginning to show his age and the injections to heighten his biceps didn’t help either.

- Chris Mansel

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