Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The President and The Arab Strap

So before you get the idea that this is the normal John F. Kennedy or Bill Clinton tag line. Marilyn Monroe or Monica, no. This isn't even Karen Hughes and her paisley hooded tarantula swap spit weekend O bliss, no this is the President letting his hair down with a little of the old "let me see what an Arab woman truly goes through" and so it is arranged away from the media as these things sometimes are.

The President is tied to a replice of a cruise missile in the middle of a room in the basement of the White House while three Arab woman are led in. The women are covered head to toe as is the traditional style except they were trained in a bunker near Quantico and were first tried out on former CIA director George Tenat.

While the President adjusts himself and remembers he can't spit easily in his restraints and mask one of the women reads him the Koran, another spits at him and the other stones him for having an illicit affair with the aforementioned Karen Hughes and lusting after Condi Rice. This goes on for one hour until the President is called away to go to Arlington National cemetery. Soldiers armed with bayonets are watched closely by Secret service as canons are fired out of respect for the fallen. As The President begins to speak those famalies who can't control their tears or their anger are lead off to the waiting arms of unmarked vans, not unlike the three Arab women.

- Chris Mansel

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