Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Glass Half-Broken or Half-Spilled

I'm not a red stater or a blue stater so I categorically deny your attempt to place me in a catagory invented by the mainstream media. When I watch the horriffic news and slaughter of innocent lives around the world I do not under any means interpret what I am seeing by which state I am living in.

I'm not a flag waver unless you include waving the white flag upside down in an unfailing symbol of protest for those who cannot speak for themselves. I am unable to travel to every nation on earth where indigenous people are being destroyed along with their homes by forces more powerful than them so I write what I can and in doing so I wave the white flag and in doing so it waves upside down in a symbol of chaos, of protest and of peace.

I'm not someone who will only get my news from american nightly news. I will not take the news I hear at its surface truth. I will read on further. I will read the International press and I will discern what I believe to be true. I will call a news photo into question if I see it more than once over more than one byline as has happened more than once.

I'm a dissenting opinion, a dissenting writer and a quoter of facts and I stand by those who have fallen and those who stood up. I believe if you take a history textbook in the United States and hold it up and shake it the truth may come tumbling out but it will never find its way into a classroom the way it needs to be. The truth begins at home.

- Chris Mansel

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