Friday, May 25, 2007

Dance Band Adrift in The Heart of Darkness

Many Democrat and republican candidates are out today campaigning on the rise of the mininum wage and some are even going on and on by reflecting on how it will benefit the middle class. Someone please break through the rope line and please explain that if you are working for mininum wage you are not middle class, unless that is if you are working on a 72 hour day while they work a four or even three day work week.

Hey congressman how many votes did you miss on the floor while shoveling down that last rubber chicken?

Hey Joe Biden it is true that a full surrender is on the table in Iraq if you promise not to make an 8th trip to the green zone? Is it true they are calling you Baghdad Joey?

Hey Hillary is it true you promised a staffer in Iowa to erase a parking ticket for the frequency the media is operating on so you can monitor calls in or out of the press bus? Or was that Rommney? Maybe it was McCain, well you all voted for the war didn't you?

Is it true Lou Dobbs has a silencer he keeps in his metal boot just in case he is called away to his shed in Arizona?

- Chris Mansel

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