Friday, May 27, 2005

The Toe on the Kicking Heel

Tourists have become fodder for the Republican Party in Washington. The concrete bunker in front of that ominous looking fence of the White House is the touching off point for the rape of the culture. A secret passageway beneath the bunker passes into a labyrinth first used by J. Edgar Hoover for rendezvous with Howard Hughes after his appearance became too stricken for public view. The Kennedy tunnel as it became known is nothing compared to this grisly little hole. Chairs are strewn through the dimly lit passageway and posters representing the history of suffocation and pedophilia are displayed along with the written testimony in the form of R. Crumb cartoon Egyptian graffiti along the floor.
The imposing Henry Hyde can usually be seen with a glass of half Johnnie Walker and half diesel fuel lighting it for effect and spitting grape seeds into the crotch of senate pages rescued from the grip of Tom Delay and his metal cage cock matches. No democrat has ever seduced a tourist into this rancid squalor but a few congress women have indeed been shoulder fucked beyond all normal recognition by opposing members both circumcised and not.

- Chris Mansel

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