Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Looting of American Prisons and the Sentimentality of Rogue Governments

Private security agencies are going through the old records of the American penal system to see if any immigrant now serving time in this country that could be held under the new terrorist watch list. If discovered by these hounds of the government the individuals could be transferred to Guantanamo Bay or another prison controlled by the American government and tortured at will thereby boycotting the Human Rights of the individual.
The setting is the interior of the House Judicial conference room, a private hearing on the President’s agenda of unspeakable acts headed by Sen. Bill Frist.

Unnamed individual: I know for a fact we have got a shipload of Cubans in custody held over from the Kennedy era.

CIA agent: Yea, they can take a shitting and keep on kicking.

Sen. Frist: I think every representative has undesirables in his district he would like to get rid of…

CIA agent: (laughs) Shit Bill, who said we were going to get rid of them? We’re just going to torture them for a few months and threaten to flush the picture of Castro down the toilet. Maybe we could set up in their cell a television playing the scene where Castro tripped and fell over and over.

Sen. Frist: I’ll discuss it with the President…..(long pause then laughter), ok I’ll mention it to Cheney.

- Chris Mansel

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