Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Liberty Spills Out Onto The Ground

Fervent prayers were raised up to the sandy, dusty heavens of Iraq by thousands of soldiers and Iraqi’s alike that Karl Rove would change his mind and not allow a war criminal like George W. Bush to lay the wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Most Iraqi’s would do not like the United States by any means do however recognize after suffering through the Saddam regime that a leader can run rough shot over a nation if the followers of that leader get the same thirst for blood.
In the White House situation room:

President Bush: Ok, what the hell is so damn important down here, I got a photo op in a few minutes…Dick I thought we decided you wouldn’t bother me on the holidays with this crap!

Vice President Dick Cheney: I’m very sorry Mr. President, I didn’t call you it was general Myers.

At this point the president turns his scowl toward General Myers. General Myers looks at the President in shock, not awe.

General Myers: Mr. President we have a situation…

President Bush: Well you picked a helluva room for it!

General Myers: Yes sir. We have a lead that some of the strongholds in Afghanistan may be within our reach.

President Bush: Afghanistan? You called me down here about Afghanistan? Afghanistan…what about Iraq? We’ve got more troops there, hell, I forgot all about Afghanistan.

The President laughs wickedly and looks around the room only to be amazed at the shocked faces around him. The President turns around and walks out of the situation room and back to the oval office.

General Myers: Mr. Vice President?

Vice President Dick Cheney: Just keep it under surveillance.

- Chris Mansel

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