Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Canonizing The Truth is Like Throwing A Shovel In A Well

An improperly built boat will still float. A poorly constructed house will still offer shelter. A government run in a manner opposite to its original intention will still stay in business if those that elect that government are misled and will follow the horse in the circle as it crushes the grain for the bread, the very bread that its citizens are dying without. The crushing motion represents the gnawing and gnashing of teeth of senior citizens without health care eating canned cat food so they can buy their medicine. The turning of the wheel is conditioned upon the natural cycle that takes place in the comment that guns don’t kill people, oh no, people kill people. Canonizing the truth is like throwing a shovel in a well, whatever you come up with won’t keep you alive for very long.
I’ve tried suicide and I have heard the symphony of life and danced in its wonder. I have longed for life and I have seen before me the twisted wrath that life does not attempt to hide. But nowhere have I seen a politician become successful without the added appendage of dishonesty. The old saying that a lie is sometimes necessary to shield the listener from the truth is the same reasoning that fuels the agenda of the Bush administration. Presidential records are kept locked away for fifty years in the name of national security. A cover-up is never quite successful and besides who would trust a government that knowingly will lie to your face? A soldier in Vietnam once said, “You can’t do your duty and feel sympathy for these people.” Without sympathy or compassion we could just kill at random, a preemptive strike as President Bush calls it. There is no place in the distorted mind of this man for either. Turn yourself inside out and it may keep you from getting wet but with this kind of rain even the wishing well runs red with blood.

- Chris Mansel

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