Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday Follies for April 4, 2006

Katherine Harris’ campaign staff having been fired has gathered in a nearby motel to be debriefed by an experienced group of trauma specialists. One heart attack was reported and three of the former staffers returned to the fray by reporting to work for John McCain.
Harris was recently lunching with soon to be anchor for CBS Katie Couric. Couric tilted her head to one side in her mock serious look accompanied by the requisite black horn rimmed glasses while Harris thrust her chest into the face of every waiter or porter that got anywhere near their table. Two waiters quit in protest.

It will be announced that Joe Pesci may play Tom Delay in the movie version of his life. Tom Delay announced through a press spokesperson that he appreciated Pesci’s performance in Casino and hoped to have a few dream sequences where Pesci could kick and stab several of his former opponents on the hill.

- Chris Mansel

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