Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Day In The Life

(Based on Lennon/McCartney’s A Day In The Life)

I was the news today oh boy
I was tortured at Abu Ghraid
and even though I was a west point grad
and I was left to laugh
You saw the photographs
they blew my leg off in the war
even though the armor I arranged
a group of pundits sat and stared
they’d seen faces like mine before
they we’re all quite sure
That my death was an administration score

my death was in a film today oh boy
the president had just won the war
a nation voted and turned away
but I hadn’t even looked
I was hung on the hook
I’d love to tell you why

woke up got out of bed
twin towers fell on my head
found my way outside to a cloud of smoke
And looking up I felt the earth quake
saw my wife jump and hit the ground flat
made the news just like that
ran into cameras and cops and mayors
Somebody spoke and somebody screamed

I read the news today oh boy
ten churches burned in the old new south
although the churches were small
the media had to film them all
now they know how it looked not to long ago
I’d love to tell you why

- Chris Mansel

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