Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Some Thoughts While In Exile

A man shows up in a rural village with an ax over his shoulder and unable to speak. The ax is clean but from the knees down he is covered in blood. His pants are cut off of him and he sits in the town square in his underwear while the local police send an investigator. Now the moral to this story is that in the time the investigator arrives the corruption of the DNA has a better chance of whipping itself out. That in a nutshell is politics in Washington. Every decision made when considering how to cover a story in Washington by a major news outlet is somehow drenched in the same shit that is being brandished by the candidates themselves.

If anyone interested in political change had a clear understanding of the role that syphilis has played in the role of history they would stop the distribution of penicillin in Washington immediately.

Have you ever noticed that the media does not report on the alcoholism and dementia of candidates until they either kill someone or upset the apple cart and send seeds into the skulls of all the wrong people?

A staffer in presidential politics will always have second thoughts but will betray their own agenda, change their own mind about how they feel just to stay with the campaign and find their own resolutions afterward.

In Washington politics in the last century there was common knowledge of the harmful damage tobacco could do but is was overlooked by those deeply invested in the growing of hemp. These are the same people who drank coca cola containing cocaine in cabinet meetings on those long Washington afternoons.

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