Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Good For Them

This weekend I have tried to busy myself with work as much as I could possibly stand to get away from my feeling for the victims of Katrina and our governments role in it. I tried to forget for just a little while and I worked in the heat outside doing several things that needed doing and last night I was rewarded with a seizure in a restaurant in which a complete stranger helped my wife and daughter hold me up in my chair so that I would not fall to the floor and hurt myself anymore than I already had. That stranger is the heart of the progressive mentality. My wife told me that he asked if he could help and he did and when it was over he went back to his family and continued eating. He didn’t wait to see from any legislative body if it was ok for him to act, he didn’t walk over to my wife and daughter and explain that help was on the way. He saw a way in which to help and he did so. That spirit is alive in the wake of Katrina and it is being prevented in many ways from being carried out. Like it or not we are now in this country what we have feared most of all, we are a third world nation who has put their trust in a gruesome dictator who would use our national resources and laws to build his own wealth and allow his own citizens to die, strangled with red tape, bound by red tape and raped in a temporary government facility.
Twice now the Bush family has made mention of the fact that the citizens of New Orleans and Mississippi and Alabama were poor anyway and that the relief recovery is good for them. This was no Freudian slip. Of course it is good for them, the Bush family which extends to the far reaches of Saudi Arabia, the haven for the 9/11 terrorists, the breeding ground for our nation al disaster called the 2000 and 2004 elections. Them, those four little words explain quite a lot.

- Chris Mansel

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