Thursday, September 08, 2005


The BLAME GAME comes in a metallic rust free corduroy lined Astroturf bottom box resembling a casket, and to play the BLAME GAME you need twelve or more Democrats who actually witnessed the non-decision of Republican officials and can prove (not to a reasonable doubt since there is no way in the year 2005 you can take a Republican to court) that the non-decision led to the loss of life of over or at least approaching 10,000 or more of the dark skinned non-conservative voting public.
The cover of the BLAME GAME features dark-skinned non-conservative voting looters feeding their children stolen bread and water meant for white-skinned pro-voting conservative voters. The cost of the BLAME GAME is based on the loss of life and the enrichment of the major Insurance companies, and thereby meaning Halliburton.

- Chris Mansel

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