Thursday, November 26, 2009

Free From Hostile Invaders

The New York Times publishes this ominoius photo today. The story speaks of the re-surgence on the Taliban in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, President Obama is considering a troop surge of 40,000 troops. In the american mindset it seems an obscene act. But for a moment consider the opinion of many Iraqi's who wish we had never toppled Saddam. They agree he was a ruthless dictator but they clearly state they were better off then than they are now in their country. They get no argument there.

Thge stories coming out of Afghanistan say that the Taliban will force their way into homes, towns etc and take what they want. They will kill and plunder and their is nothing anyone can do about it. Doesn't this sound familiar? Perhaps it would have been better if the English, Columbus, Vikings would have never laned on these shores we call home? Acts of genocide up for discussion? A comparison?

What state was Afghanistan in before we came in looking for Osama Bin Laden? Would it have been in the state its in now if we had just gone into Afghanistan and not into Iraq? We'll never know.

Chris Mansel

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