Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Dobbs Campaign

The New York Times is reporting that Lou Dobbs, you remember him right? CNN's former answer to Fascism, is mulling a run for governor of New Jersey as an "intermediary" step for a presidential run.

As my good friend Bob Kincaid says, "Get out the bucket of lye..."

Let's imagine a campaign rally for Mr. Dobbs.

Spokesman: (dressed in a Tucker Carlson hoodie) Okay, Tea Baggers you guys need to group up over here and did you remember your signs that say, NO Medicine for the Indigent?" Ok, good. Now, minutemen...No, locked and loaded is not a good cheer at the beginning but after the speech feel free to chant it outside.

Tea bagger: Is Mr. Dobbs going to mention the money we could save on Healthcare by using organs taken from the illegals shot by the minuetmen?

You can just imagine.

Chris Mansel

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