Sunday, September 30, 2007


Watching a report tonight on FrontLine's website, courtesy of PBS on Burma:State of Fear was deeply troubling. A Father who lives deep in the jungle talks of government troops coming to burn his village and in the fire he sees a hand and realizes the hand belongs to his son. He says, "I realize that my son has left me his palm." The palm of his son's hand is all he has amid the terrible destruction. He recounts his story for the camera and you get a deep gnawing in your stomach that says I wish I could help.

Sanctions are the usual tactic used by governments and it is widely known that these sort of plans usually end up hurting those they should help. Forces that seek to hurt the innocent are hardly ever living in bleak conditions when they carry out acts of genocide.

Pursue organizations like Human Rights Watch and write letters and give if you can. Keep them in your prayers and thoughts. SHort of going to Burma you can go in your heart.

- Chris Mansel

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