Sunday, February 27, 2005

Dahr Jamail's Sane Voice From The Heart Of Darkness

I read an interview with Dahr Jamail at (

In the interview Jamail states his purpose well, “After watching the worldwide demonstrations on February 15, 2003 be brushed aside as a “focus group,” I knew then that the minds of the American public had been misled by the corporate media who mindlessly supported the objectives of the Bush regime, and reporting the true effects of the invasion/occupation on the Iraqi people and US soldiers was what I needed to do.” I could almost say the same thing. I know in my heart that writing about this war and the treacherous acts of the Bush regime (I no longer refer to it as an administration, it’s simply a war crimes tribunal waiting to happen) are the right thing to do. I may not change anything but I feel it is something I must do. It’s with that same idea in mind that I have decided to stay with this blog despite any inconvenience or aggravation it may cause me. I feel ashamed for even saying it in the first place. Here I sit in my living room typing this, relatively healthly, while my cousin who I love very much is in Fallujah braving god knows what.
Also in the interview Jamail states, “Iraqis are of course shocked and outraged by the beheadings and kidnappings of people like Margaret Hassan. So many also believe it was a CIA/Mossad plot to keep aid organizations and journalists out of Iraq in order to give the military and corporations here a free hand to continue to dis-assemble and sell of the country.” You really have to wonder about the truth of that statement. We are not in country like Jamail so we don’t have the pulse of the nation. As for whether or not our government is seeking to keep journalists out of Iraq you can simply look to the training that was enforced for journalists, the embedded status…

- Chris Mansel

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